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be Vermont Natural Slate
Unfading Purple
Red round shape


15 crates - (30 cms x 20 cms) 12" x 08"

3 crates - (30 cms x 18 cms)
12" x 07"

17 crates - 32 cms x 22 cms

Unfading Red
Red round shape


1 crate-(30,5cms x 30,5cms) 12"x12"
200 Uts:
(30,5cms x 28cms) 12"x11"
200 Uts:
(30,5cms x 25cms) 12"x10"
200 Uts:
(30,5cms x 23cms) 12"x09"
200 Uts:
(30,5cms x 20cms) 12"x08"

Unfading Green
Red round shape


1 crate - (30 cms x 30 cms)
12" x 12" Scié

2 crates - 30 cms x 20 cms

Roofing Slate System
Red round shape

Qwik Slate

The new Qwik roofing system for natural slate.
Each box contains 50 strips and stainless steel hooks + nails (adapted for nail gun).
International warranties and certificates. Made in Vermont (USA).
For more information please contact

Other sizes available, please ask.

Minimum order: 1 full palet

Certifications + D.O.P. (Declaration of Performance)
Certificate request
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